O Beloved of all hearts, Thou one by yourself canst still this new pangs out-of yearning for Thee!

O Beloved of all hearts, Thou one by yourself canst still this new pangs out-of yearning for Thee!

Most of the praise, O my God, be to Thee Whom art the cause of all fame and you may majesty, regarding greatness and award, off sovereignty and you can rule, off loftiness and you can sophistication, out of awe and fuel. Whomsoever Thou willest Thou causest to attract nigh unto many Higher Ocean, and on whomsoever Thou desirest Thou conferrest the fresh new award away from acknowledging Thy Very Old Term. Of the many who are inside the paradise as well as on earth, none normally withstand the process away from Thy sovereign Have a tendency to. Off every eternity Thou didst rule the entire development, and you may Thou wilt last for evermore to exercise Thy dominion more every composed anything. Discover none other Goodness but Thee, the Almighty, the essential Exalted, the newest All of the-Effective, the fresh All of the-Smart.

Illumine, O Lord, the new face regarding Thy servants, that they can behold Thee; and clean the minds they can change unto the fresh judge of Thy heavenly prefers, and you may acknowledge Him Who is the brand new Manifestation of Thy Mind and you may the fresh Dayspring out of Thine Substance. Verily, Thou ways the lord of all of the worlds.

Lauded and you will glorified ways Thou, Lord, Jesus Omnipotent! Thou just before Whose wisdom the new wise falleth short and you may faileth, prior to Whoever knowledge the learned confesseth his ignorance, before Whose you are going to this new strong waxeth weak, in advance of Whoever wide range the brand new rich testifieth to help you their poverty, just before Whose white the newest enlightened try shed in the darkness, towards the fresh new shrine off Whose degree turneth the brand new substance of all of the facts and you will within the refuge away from Whose presence system the newest souls of all humankind.

There is no Goodness however, Thee, the newest Unconstrained, the brand new All the-Subduing

How up coming ought i sing and you may talk about Thine Essence, that the information of your own smart and the discovering of one’s read failed to comprehend, inasmuch because zero son can also be sing what the guy understandeth not, neither recount that unto that he cannot getting, while the Thou hast been of everlasting the latest Inaccessible, new Unsearchable. Powerless even though We feel to rise for the sky away from Thy glory and you may soar in the realms out of Thy education, I could but recount Thy tokens one tell of Thy glorious handiwork.

Because of the Thy Glory! Though all dwellers out of heaven and you may planet unite to help you glorify the least regarding Thy cues, by which and you can where Thou hast found Thyself, yet perform they falter, how much alot more to praise Thy holy Keyword, brand new journalist of all the Thy tokens.

The supplement and you may fame end up being to help you Thee, Thou away from Just who all things keeps affirmed one to Thou ways you to definitely as there are none other God but Thee, Exactly who hast come out-of everlasting exalted first of all peer or likeness and to everlasting shalt remain an equivalent. All of the kings was but Thy servants and all of beings, noticeable and invisible, given that naught in advance of Thee. There was nothing other Jesus however, Thee, the fresh new Gracious, the Effective, probably the most High.

There can be none almost every other God except Thee, this new Fashioner, the newest Creator, the fresh Almighty, by far the most Powerful

Magnified be Thy term, O Lord my personal Goodness! Thou artwork He Which all things worship and you can Whom worshipeth zero you to, Who is god of all things that will be this new vassal off none, Whom knoweth all things in fact it is identified from none. Thou didst wish to create Thyself known unto people; ergo, Thou didst, as a consequence of a word-of Thy mouth area, provide creation for the are and manner the brand new market.

We implore Thee, by this really phrase one to hath shone forward over the views away from Thy commonly, allow me to take in strong of your own traditions seas owing to hence Thou hast vivified the fresh new minds off Thy picked of those and you will quickened the fresh new souls ones you to definitely love Thee, which i get, all the time and you can under the standards, turn my personal deal with wholly to your Thee.

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